Get On These Healthy Habits To Maximize Your Workout

healthy fitness habits

Investing in one’s health is always a struggle for anyone as the beginning of a fitness journey. Sacrifice is always the first thing asked from us as we learn to let go of our guilty pleasures a.k.a. cheat food, alcohol, and sweets. Discipline is also necessary as exercise takes the place of our snacking and bingeing. Although as time passes, our bodies become accustomed to our new fitness habits, embracing a complete lifestyle change for the better. As we take on new exercise regimes and workout classes, the most optimal results are shown when paired with good healthy habits we adopt in the long run.

Bookmark this page and take note of these 5 fitness habits that complement every type of workout routine.

1. Get some zzz’s

Get some sleepOne of the biggest causes of bloating and weight gain is lack of sleep. Every person has an ideal set of hours that is the perfect amount to get them through the day. The average amount each person should get is between 7-9 undisturbed hours. This sacred period is for overall bodily rest and a time to recharge the mind for the new day ahead. Many occasions people end up staying up late while needing to get up early the following morning. This disrupts the resting period of vital organs and can lead to organ failure if not dealt with properly.



2. Drink lots of water

fitness habits Drink lots of waterOne of the most common health advice out there is drinking water as often as possible. Used to regulate cells, organs, tissue, and overall body temperature, water helps us do our everyday tasks efficiently and effectively. Every person is recommended to drink about 6-8 glasses a day and an additional 2 glasses when exercising. While working out, water replenishes liquid lost, allowing faster recovery time even after intense exercises. Certain organs depend on water to help excrete waste. These are your kidneys, intestines, and intestinal tract. High water intake is also good for your skin and keeps joints and bones healthy – so make sure to make it part of your fitness habits!



3. Take a probiotic

fitness habits Take a probioticFor Filipinos who love flavorful food and beverages, digestion can take a longer processing time. One can speed up digestion and hasten metabolism by taking a probiotic once a day. Some readily available probiotic products are yogurt, yogurt drinks, kimchi, kombucha, and miso. These food products contain good digestive bacteria and are great tasting too!




4. Stretch before an exercise

Stretch before an exerciseBefore any light or heavy exercise, a good fitness habit is to take 10 minutes to effectively stretch out your body. Bend the tight corners of your body such as your shoulders, back, neck, pelvic area, and knees. Stretching does wonders for your flexibility and keeps muscles lean and long. The short-term benefits of warming up and stretching your body keeps you from having muscle sores the following day. The long-term benefits include prevention of joint injuries like sprains, tendinitis, muscle damage, and so much more.



5. Treat yourself to a post-workout boost

fitness habits Treat yourself to a post-workout boostAfter your daily workout at the gym or in the studio, give yourself a delicious and sweet treat as your post-workout snack or drink. Go to all natural route and make a fruit shake with special boosts like protein powder, chia seeds, or spirulina. These active ingredients give you the necessary energy your body needs after taking part in an strenuous activity.




Taking on new fitness habits is always challenging in the beginning; however, it is not impossible. With determination, consistent practice and constant reflection, you should be able to visualize your workout goals and improve your overall health in no time.

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